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Paella Catering for Weddings

We require a 50 person headcount minimum. There is only a flat fee package price which includes set up and Chef. No additional separate fees aside from L.A. 10.50% tax and a standard 15% gratuity.

​                          Please submit a formal inquiry on the first page for pricing.

                            **We are currently only accepting reservations for the 2023  year ONLY.**

Wedding Paella Package

Based on headcount you fall into one of the 3 categories, A, B or C . We can provide Fancy Disposable Dinnerware if you do not choose a rental company and would like ours. Must request these. Please keep in mind that our rate is an all inclusive rate for our services and we do not to separate breakdown for Chef, Staff and regular catering equipment set up. 



  • (A) 1-35 Guest count - 1 Paella 1 Large Traditional Mixta. (B) 36-50 guest count- 2 Paellas 1 Large Traditional Mixta and 1 medium (choice) Meat Only or Vegan (C) 51+ guest count- 3 Paellas 1 Large Traditional Mixta, 1 Medium Meat Only and a small Vegetarian/Vegan which is based on headcount and dietary restrictions.  * number of paellas depends on final headcount. Please note paella servings are distributed by percentages with final headcount and not all the same size. *paella recipes cannot be altered*

  • 4 Appetizers (Pass tray during the cocktail hour) you select from our menu

  • 1 Salad (Served with the Paella)

  • Servers depending on final headcount (servers are added based on headcount and do not affect fixed price)

** Sustainable Disposables are provided for Weddings only upon request**

VENUES: Please note if Venue DOES NOT have a full working kitchen and requires a mobile set up, we can order from a third party for you, depending on venue needs. Your event planner can also add items needed to your rental order for a more cohesive rental order. A walk through with your event planner to determine what will need to be rented. We have reserve the right to refuse a venue if deemed too complicated for us to perform our services.

Wedding Couple with Paella Mixta posing for photographer. Shot of the shot.
Happy Wedding Couple with Paella Mixta
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