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At L.A. Paella Catering, we believe there's always cause for celebration. Whatever you're celebrating, we bring outstanding cuisine, unparalleled presentation, and friendly, professional service to your event.

Please fill out the inquiry form on the lower part of home page in detail so we can send you the appropriate packages. We are currently experiencing a high level of inquires so we appreciate your patience. Calls cannot be answered at this time so an inquiry form is preferred. DOUBLE check your email address or we will not receive it. A no response means we did not receive it or our response went to your spam. PLEASE CHECK SPAM.

We are working hard to get to every inquiry and we apologize in advance if it takes longer than usual.

Thank you again for choosing us!

For questions only please email If you email directly without any information, we will respond with the same questions on the inquiry form before we can send you packages and pricing. 

Shot of a streamy Paella beign decorated by Chef.

Let's Start Planing

We can't wait to hear from you

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